The Manifesto

The possibilities of billiards are endless.
Mint Billiards believes pool is a binding and consuming activity bringing life into every person bold enough to take their shot. Mint Billiards doesn’t care what has been done or the way it’s always been done. Mint Billiards cares if players can fuel their passion for the game they love like never before.
Mint Billiards believes in the collective growth of pool through honor, integrity, passion, and grit. To be good at anything all of these traits must be present. Mint Billiards Lives these values daily. In the same way a ball rolls true when struck purely, Mint Billiards holds true to its purpose and honors the billiards legacy. Through collective effort: Pool to the people, always.


Rocky Mountain USA Pool League Play 8 Ball and 10 Ball

Thursday Nights
5+ Person Teams
Any ability | Team competition

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Sharpen your pool skills, meet people, and have fun.

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